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Third stage of concrete completed, 53 cubic yards of foundation walls. We had such an amazing crew to make sure this got done!
Marvin Wixsten was back again and Wesley Snyder stopped by to look. He not only stayed in the morning, but came back again for the afternoon pour. Jordan Artis, a Great Falls mining engineering student also spent most of the day with us, another experienced concrete hand.

The Highlands College contribution has been priceless. I initially asked our board secretary, Marilyn Patrick, who works at Highland, if the shop might be willing to make the 12 bolt templates we needed for the columns of the main Carousel building. Bill Ryan and his class had those done fast and then jumped on board with a bunch of enthusiastic, hard-working students who have been a total pleasure to work with.
Jason Bullock, Daryl Englesby, Mark James, Adam Jorgenson, Kelsey Lee, Lane Smith, John Sweet, and Justin Dodge.

We wouldn't be near this far along withOUT you!!! Thank you!!!!!!

As always, Larry Schnell and Sonya Rosenthal were keystones!
Thanks, again, to the Farrow family and their Pioneer Concrete crew!
Backfilling and compacting next week, followed by installation of the basic plumbing, then we pour the floor. That will require a coordinated effort from several experienced volunteers, with equipment, so I will keep updating here and try to allow planning for a weather-permitting concrete hoe-down!
Butte pride at work!! (Sorry for all the exclamation points, but this is that kind of support action.) (!!!!!!!!)

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The margins of human civilization house some of the greatest secrets and mysteries. With globalization encroaching more and more on those that try and maintain their unique ways of life, it’s incredible to observe those that persevere.

This is what makes the Dukha people of Mongolia so fascinating. The nomadic tribe has lived in the region for centuries. During that time, they have developed a relationship with wild animals that is utterly amazing. Photographer Hamid Sardar-Afkhami recently documented them in a series of stunning photographs.

Through their own brand of animal husbandry, the Dukha people have learned to use reindeer as a means of transportation over the treacherous terrain they call home.

It’s truly incredible to see the Dukha’s relationship with the natural world, and how they work to preserve their way of life.
Anybody else suddenly wants a pet reindeer?

From single mothers to a prime minister, Europeans are opening their homes for refugees who need housing.

Because he is serving in the capital, Helsinki, Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä seldom visits his home 370 miles away, so he has offered his house in Kempele to shelter refugees.
“I hope this becomes some kind of people’s movement that will inspire many to shoulder part of the burden in this refugee housing crisis”  Sipilä told Finnish broadcaster YLE. “What we need now is a show of compassion.”

A Christian charity in the UK, the Boaz Trust, reports it can’t keep up with the offers from people who are volunteering to share an empty room with the refugees. The Manchester-based group has been fielding calls from Gloucester to Edinburgh.

“It’s been quite overwhelming,” chief Executive Ros Holland told the Guardian.
Yoshiko Stokoe and her boyfriend Jack Palmer have hosted more than 20 refugees in their home in Leeds at different times over the last two-and-a-half years. They say it costs them no more than $25 a week.

Founded in Germany in 2014, Refugees Welcome was introduced in Austria this year, and today, dozens of asylum seekers and refugees have been placed in flatshares across that country.

“I wonder why it hasn’t been done before,” Simone Fidler, who hosts a Nigerian refugee in Vienna told Al Jazeera News. “It just makes sense. People are having to sleep in tents while there are so many rooms free.”

Hollywood couldn’t have written a better script.

When a 9-year-old Australian boy suffering from cystic fibrosis was invited to be on a local radio show, he was beyond excited when the hosts asked if he wanted to chat on the telephone with his action-hero idol– Wolverine star, Hugh Jackman.

“That would be awesome!” said a smiling Domenic, who is a huge X-Men movie fan.

The hosts of the “Kyle & Jackie O Show” in Sydney proceeded to call Jackman on the phone, telling Domenic the film star was away shooting a movie. Little did Domenic know, his hero was actually waiting in the next room.

As they chatted, the young boy asked Jackman to name his favorite Wolverine pose. The actor told him, “Hang on a sec, mate because I’m going to find a really cool way to show you.”

Jackman then burst into the studio, growling in character, and blowing Dominic’s mind.

The Australian actor gave the boy a big hug, asked him to do his best Wolverine impression, too. Jackman also gave Domenic passes for an upcoming show.

The surprise visit was organized by the Make-a-Wish Foundation, a charity that grants requests to children living with life-threatening conditions.

Trenton and Lindsay Cochran are best friends, brother and sister, support and inspiration. 10-year old Lindsay, who suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy, has been in a wheelchair since she was 2. Trenton understands deeply that his life would have been very different if he didn't have a disabled younger sister. Not only is this mature 12-year old a helper and protector, he is an advocate and ambassador for kids with disabilities. "I would take a bullet for her," he says, as his grateful sister looks on. Warning: you might want to have some tissues on hand for this beautiful video. 

A mother and her five young children were in an SUV that veered off the highway and flipped several times in D'Iberville, Mississippi on Saturday afternoon. First responders arrived to the scene to find three of the passengers ejected from the vehicle.

When firefighter Casey Lessard saw an injured, panicked child, he did his best to calm him down by lying beside him in the road and playing clips of the movie "Happy Feet."

Lessard said he wanted to "take the bad out of the situation" and found the first movie that popped up on Netflix.

"He went from crying to instantly calm," fire captain Darren Peterson told the Sun Herald.

In addition to the first responders, Rick Camarena, a retired Los Angeles firefighter, and two sisters, 15-year-old Mady Bogolin and 20-year-old Morgan Bogolin, stopped to help.

As for the family's current status:

"The two youngest children, Jaxon and KK, were pulled from the overturned car with no scratches. Gabriel, Avianna, Todd, and Vanessa (the mother) were ejected from the vehicle. Gabriel was taken to Oschner's in New Orleans and had several wounds stitched up. Avianna and Todd are currently at USA Women's and Children's in critical condition. Vanessa broke several bones including her spine, was operated on, and took her first steps."